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Academia and Business

In the years 1962 - 1978, Tan Goan-Po worked for several private businesses. After President Suharto took the advice of Universitas Indonesia's economists to reform the country's economic policies, Tan set up his own consulting firm conducting feasibility studies for investors seeking opportunities to establish companies in Indonesia, as well as feasibility studies of regional development projects.

In addition to his business efforts, Tan Goan-Po returned to education, lecturing at the private university Universitas Krisnadwipayana, and leading the economics department as chairman in the years 1971 - 1978. During his tenure, Tan raised the students' academic standards and quality of instructors. Tangential to his academic duties, he was also appointed as the coordinator overseeing state exams in Business Administration for private universities.

Tan Goan-Po, alias Paul Mawira, passed away unexpectedly on 14 February 1978.