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Advisory Positions and Multi-campus Involvement

Between 1951 and 1957, Sumitro Djojohadikusumo and Tan Goan-Po held numerous positions and responsibilities. Sumitro became Minister of Trade (September 1950 - April 1951), and Minister of Finance (August 1952 - July 1953), while Tan Goan-Po served as one of Sumitro's economic advisors during these times. In addition, Tan acted as an economic advisor to the Minister of Finance Jusuf Wibisono (April 1951 - April 1952). Tan Goan-Po lectured at the Academy of Military Law (Akademi Hukum Militer) and the Police Academy (Akademi Kepolisian) in Jakarta, while providing assistance to his brother-in-law Mgr. Prof. Dr. N.J.C. Geise, Catholic bishop of Bogor, in the process of founding the Parahyangan School of Commerce (Akademi Perniagaan) in Bandung in 1955, which was renamed Catholic University of Parahyangan in 1958.